Dunant Plaza

The Henry Dunant Museum is realigning itself and is currently being renovated. Until 30 October 2022, we will be operating under the label of Dunant Plaza in the parterre rooms of the former Hotel Krone at Kirchplatz 9 in Heiden.

The Dunant Plaza focuses on themes from Henry Dunant's cosmos of values - such as humanity, human rights, peace and democracy. Exhibitions, installations, events and experimental formats invite visitors to engage with existential questions and create a reference to the present. Interdisciplinary perspectives and positions from literature to dance, from music to photography and committed contemporary art allow playful, emotional and intellectual access.


Monday Plaza

Monday Plaza

Every first Monday of the month, the bistro at the Dunant Plaza turns into a public room, a concert venue, a literary salon or a discussion forum. In this way, the museum team offers an open meeting point around today's social issues from Henry Dunant's thematic repository: humanity, human rights, solidarity.

In an informal atmosphere with a bar, personalities from Heiden to Berlin will encourage discussions with statements, performances, songs, sounds, with pictures or in conversation.

Step by step, the Monday Plaza is taking on a participatory character. The participation of organisations, institutions and associations, activists and visionaries from Heiden and the region is welcome. Ideas for programmes and help with events are just as welcome as the realisation of your own public events and projects. The bistro of the Dunant Plaza is available if the content of the projects is related to the values of the Dunant Museum.

Do you have an idea event idea? Would you like to contribute a theme or encourage cooperation?

Get in touch! Contact the host of the Monday Plaza at: → Andreas Ennulat

Admission to the Monday Plaza events is free.



Thank you for supporting the Dunant Plaza interim use project:

Gemeinde Heiden, Jolanda & Walter Maier-Stiftung, Stiftung Heiden, SRK Kantonalverband beider Appenzell, Paul Schiller Stiftung

Thank you for supporting the exhibition and events programme at Dunant Plaza:

Members of the Circle of Friends, Tisca Tischhauser Stiftung, Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim-Stiftung