Dunant Plaza

The Henry Dunant Museum is changing its focus, planning a renovation, and renewing its permanent collection from the bottom up. The museum will remain active during the renovation, and from 2021 to 2022, it will occupy the ground floor rooms of the Hotel Krone on Kirchplatz in Heiden, under the label Dunant Plaza.

The Dunant Plaza will take up the Henry Dunant Museum's core themes --- humanity, human rights, freedom, and democracy. Our exhibitions, installations, events, and experimental formats inspire engagement with existential questions and draw a contemporary link to Henry Dunant's world of ideas. Transdisciplinary perspectives and thematic standpoints in the arts from literature to dance, from music to photography, and specially art in dialogue with the contemporary world, allow for playful, emotional, and intellectual entry points.


Monday Plaza

Monday Plaza

Every first monday of the month, what was once a restaurant at the Dunant Plaza will now become an open place of encounters and exchanges. In an informal setting with a bar, local characters from Heiden, the region or with a relationship to eastern Switzerland, encourage discussions with statements, performances, song numbers, sound works, and images, or in conversation.

The Monday Plaza will gradually be transformed into a participatory space. We welcome collaborations with organisations, institutions and associations, activists and visionaries from Heiden and the region. We are as interested in ideas for programmes and help with events, as we are in the realisation of original public events and projects. The bistro of the Dunant Plaza is available for ideas as long as their contents accord with the values of the Dunant Museum.

Do you have an idea for an event? Would you like to propose a topic or start a collaboration?

Get in touch with us! You can contact the host of the Monday Plaza at: → Andreas Ennulat

Admission to the Monday Plaza is free of charge.



We thank for their support with the interim project Dunant Plaza:

Gemeinde Heiden, Jolanda & Walter Maier-Stiftung, Stiftung Heiden, SRK Kantonalverband beider Appenzell, Paul Schiller Stiftung

We thank for their support with the exhibition and event programme at the Dunant Plaza:

Friends of the Museum, Tisca Tischhauser Stiftung, Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim-Stiftung